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School Bus Rental Cost and Booking Information

School bus rentals are an easy and affordable solution for group transportation. You can get a quote online for simple booking, and the average school bus rental is 50% cheaper than a coach bus rental.

School Bus Rentals: How Much Does It Cost?

Our school bus rental prices are calculated according the unique details of each trip. But in simple terms, rates are determined by the number of buses required and the duration of your trip. With a fully-loaded bus, the hourly cost to rent a school bus can be as low as $1.50 per passenger. With rates this affordable, the average school bus rental costs only ½ the price of a coach bus.

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Group Transportation Comparison

Transportation Type
First Student
First Student
>Small Fleet Bus
Small Fleet Bus
Passenger Van
Passenger Van
Passengers Per Vehicle 40-50 10-80 10-40 15 or fewer 15 or fewer
Large Scale Events (5,000+) Yes Yes No No No
Short or Long Trips Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Professionally Trained Drivers Yes Yes Yes No No
Vehicle Size Options Available Yes Yes Varies N/A N/A
Onboard Restrooms Yes No No No No
Storage Areas Yes Varies No Varies Varies
Nationwide Availability Varies Yes No Yes No
365 Day Customer Service Yes Yes Varies Yes Varies
Last Minute Availability Yes Yes Varies Yes Varies
Approved for School Activities* Yes Yes Yes No** Varies
Cost Per Passenger / Hour Varies‡ $1.50† Varies Varies Varies

* Federal law prohibits the sale or lease of new 12 and 15-passenger vans for the school-related transportation of high school and younger students because of a higher rollover risk. Some colleges, universities, and college organizations have established policies against the use of 12 and 15-passenger vans.

** Some States mandate that only school buses be used to transport school children. If your group is comprised of school children, please check with your State authorities for possible requirements.

† Based on full occupancy. Prices vary by location. Please contact a charter agent for a detailed quote.

‡ While costs vary by location, customers save an average of 50% on transportation by choosing a First Student Charter Bus rentals over a motor coach.

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Your Destination

Your destination determines where the bus departs from and how far it needs to travel. Destination is the entire route including all stops and pick-up and drop-off locations.

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Trip Duration

The duration of your trip helps us figure out how long you will need the bus. Duration is the total time of your trip, including any bus downtime during your event.

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Number of Passengers

The number of passengers lets us calculate how many buses your group will need. Passenger calculations are based on a full occupancy of 45 adults to and 72 children.

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How to Rent a School Bus

Renting a school bus is an easy way to arrange group transportation. And with the help of our agents, the booking process is simple—even if you have no experience renting a bus or planning group trip.

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Get a Quote Online

The easiest way to book a school bus is by using our online form. Just use the form to provide us with your information and receive a free custom quote for your trip.

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Get a Quote By Phone

If forms aren't your thing or you prefer speaking directly with a person, you can book your bus over the phone. Simply call toll free to speak to a booking agent.

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Start Planning Your Trip

Even if you're still in the early stages of planning your trip, we can help. Get convenient resources like downloadable checklists, passenger calculators and seating charts.

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